Big Data Processing and Integration

For Every Data Professional

Organizations and technology providers are struggling with an increasing demand for data migrations, industry ecosystem integrations and unlocking data silos for analytics initiatives and digital transformation. 

General integration tools and APIs alone are not built for the needs of technology providers who want to productize their ecosystem integrations and accelerate migrations. Organizations want to accelerate AI and data-driven decision making, however existing tools are not designed to easily transform, aggregate and process large amounts of distributed data for connected analytics. Additionally, data-driven decisions for employee and customer success require connecting deeper with industry domain data sources.

Lingk Platform

Lingk is purpose-built to hide the complexity of APIs behind easy to use wizards and flexible SQL recipes.

Lingk organizes all your migration and integration activities for a collaborative and dynamic data experience into workspaces. Users of Lingk see the workspaces they create and are invited to. Users can then quickly build data migrations, automatons and pipelines for employee and customer success through Speed Wizards and SQL Recipes.


The Lingk "Best Practice" user experience empowers users to build quality, reusable file and API integrations.


Lingk Speed Wizards use API metadata to present an amazing user-friendly experience to end users. Lingk SQL Recipes enable you to interact with APIs using readily-available SQL skills. Lingk connectors automatically handle security and paging for APIs.

Collaborate with Workspaces


Workspaces enable stronger collaboration and organization for 10s, 100s or even 1,000s of integration projects or customers. Workspaces are designed to increase transparency across teams, departments and with approved third parties. Each workspace includes only invited users and are ideal for project teams of all sizes.

Inside workspaces, users are guided down best practices of integration planning, building and monitoring. Users can build data integrations by simply using a Speed Wizard or the web-based SQL Recipe Builder. Integration configurations can be versioned and deployed across customizable environments in the workspace supporting your entire integration life-cycle.

Connect Enterprise and Industry

Lingk connectors remove the complexity of connecting to files, cloud and on-premise systems. Lingk connectors automatically read data into an in-memory staging table, so you can transform and cleanse data. 


Lingk provides custom and public connectors to connect general enterprise (CRM, HCM, ERP, data warehouses and databases) and industry specific systems like education, L&D (SIS, LMS, LXP, etc.) 

Transforming hundreds of thousands or millions of records across multiple systems can happen in minutes. For example, syncing and deduping nearly one million records between Peoplesoft and Salesforce happens in less than 20 minutes. 

Simplify Integration Using Speed Wizards


Speed Wizards enable fast and smart Integration for on-premise or cloud-based systems. Using step-by-step wizards including intelligent auto-mapping of metadata, you'll be able to build high quality data automations easier than ever before. Speed Wizards are much easier to use than those typical drag-and-drop tools that only provide limited guidance for building quality data automations and customer success integrations.  Speed Wizards automatically generate SQL Recipes and can be white labeled or embedded into apps.

Design File and API Integration with SQL Recipes


Recipes enable many different data scenarios (batch, streaming, and big data analytics) to be accomplished in record time. Recipes are human-readable, reusable YAML configurations that combine connector information, data orchestration, and powerful SQL commands that enable almost any type of transformation and aggregation on large sets of data. 

Managing recipes is easy. Recipes can be generated using Speed Wizards or built from scratch in the web-based Recipe Builder. Inside the Recipe Builder you can easily build, save, test, version, schedule, deploy and securely share recipe templates with other Lingk users. The Recipe Builder becomes a one-stop shop for managing all types of reusable integrations and events that align to your integration project and delivery needs.

Connect Data Processing and Analytics

Building quality data analytics (reports, dashboards, and more) often require one or many data processes to be automated across multiple systems. Connected Experiences replace the “quality control” spreadsheet and make it easy to collaborate on data quality and operational improvements to see immediate results.


Plan Integrations with the Power of Metadata

Every time you connect to an API or database data source to Lingk, the metadata describing the data source is pulled down. With this metadata, you can using Mapping Plans to plan your integration. Mapping Plans save time and remove the need for copy/paste into  spreadsheets. Guest users can review and approve shared Mapping Plans reducing the number of emails with Excel attachments.


Take Advantage of Event-based Triggers

Moving data automation from time-based schedules to event-based triggers makes reports, dashboards, and analytics more relevant, personalized and real-time. Additionally, a complete business process automation typically requires that data processes are triggered. 

The Event Engine allows you to trigger batch processes based on external events, create events based on batch or streaming data, and publish flexible webhooks that external systems can consume. 


Manage Scheduled Processes Easier

View all your scheduled processes on a configurable calendar to help you identify overlapping processes and enable you to better plan for future integrations.  When you recognize a source system is down due to maintenance, you can easily pause all integrations for the environment.


Connect On-Premise Data with the Lingk Adapter

Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 6.05.17 PM.png

The Lingk Adapter is simple-to-use, install and a powerful way to provide secure RESTful access to on-premise databases and files desired for data pipelines and integration. The Lingk Adapter is a distribution of Apache Nifi that utilizes Docker for easy installation to run anywhere. After running the Lingk Adapter and connecting databases or adding files, you can create unlimited API endpoints that you can easily use with the Lingk Platform Speed Wizards and SQL Recipes.

Monitor Integration Processes

Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 5.26.22 PM.png
Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 5.41.58 PM.png
Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 5.26.50 PM.png

Identifying and resolving issues with data pipelines and integrations quickly reduces the management burden when you have many pipelines feeding 360 degree views, connected analytics, early warning alerts and deep learning. Lingk provides high level monitoring at the workspace level, alerting by environment, and detailed execution plans at the recipe level. 


Lingk Transformer Engine

The Lingk Transformer Engine (LTE) processes the data for the Lingk Platform. Built on top of Apache Spark, the LTE has the ability to power all your ETL, event streaming and big data analytics needs. A Lingk recipe is the way to harness all the power of the LTE and to orchestrate data flows.

In a SaaS deployment, all data flowing through the LTE is “stateless” and in-memory. This means that you never have to worry about Lingk data on our servers. 

A hybrid deployment of LTE is typically used if your organization’s compliance or policy requirements prevent you from using a multi-tenant cloud service.


Security by Design

Your data is owned by you and we take careful measures to make your data as safe as possible. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our infrastructure which has achieved both ISO 27001 certification and successfully completed multiple SSAE 16 audits.


Enterprise Support

Have questions? Our team is here to help.

From general inquiries about the Lingk Platform to more technical questions about specific data syncs—we’ve got you covered.  We offer standard and premium support level options and include in-app customer communication with our platform.