Lifecycle Data Challenge

Are digital transformation initiatives at your organization creating a hairball and mountain of integration work to deliver on - sooner than later?  Are your general purpose integration tools not making the grade on keeping up with the workload and the speed you need to get your integration and innovation projects done on-time?  Would you like to eliminate your integration backlog and get your life back?


A New Perspective. A New Solution.

The platform for syncing student, employee and customer lifecycle data.

Choose the right iPaaS

Centrally manage and synchronize 100,000s of lifecycle records in a common way.  Accelerate integration projects, implementations, expand customer use cases and app adoption while eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming services engagements.  Monitor synchronizations using account management and customer operations dashboards with the Lingk platform.

Centrally manage all LingkSyncs

Centrally manage all LingkSyncs


How do you start synchronizing lifecycle data with your app?  When you integrate with Lingk you immediately start to escape the hairball and mountain of work. Simply associate your lifecycle data scenarios and LingkSync apps become immediately available to you.  Now, you can quickly synchronize when connecting with other apps and systems.

Start the speed wizard by choosing a lifecycle data scenario

Start the speed wizard by choosing a lifecycle data scenario

It’s simply not possible to imagine a world of efficient life-long learning driven by the Internet without presupposing an agile, learner-centric, open standard for data interchange.
— Chris Chew, Lead Robot, Robots & Pencils


Simplify and standardize your integrations with data syncs aligning to your lifecycle use cases.



Manage data syncs using account management and customer operations dashboards.



Exceed customer expectations by delivering innovative insights driven by lifecycle data syncs.


Self-service On-boarding

Prepare customer on-boarding and implementations with integrated account management and rapid data sync tools. Centrally manage your accounts and control access to sensitive education data.

More users, more features, more opportunities...




Data Transformation Engine + Data Syncs = Reusable Integrations

Accounts organize your data integration activities and provide pre-built LingkSync wizards for common data syncs scenarios. Each sync scenario can utilize standards-aligned data elements, delimited files, and/or APIs. Each account can have one or many LingkSyncs enabling your accounts to sync data from multiple systems (LMS, CRM, SIS, etc).

Each data sync utilizes a powerful data transformation engine supporting Common Educational Data Standards (CEDS) alignment for easy data integration and transformation.


Transformation Recipes

Integration by configuration

Transformation recipes power Lingk data integrations by combining easy-to-reuse, human readable configuration language with a powerful SQL language. The data providers available to the recipes enable LMS, CRM, and SIS datasets to be combined, transformed and aggregated. Easily build a custom recipe completely from your web browser using the web-based recipe editor.  Recipes can be scheduled or triggered by events.


The Lingk REST Adapter

REST APIs for hybrid deployments

The Lingk REST Adapter is an on-premise agent used for legacy systems and databases lacking APIs. The Lingk REST Adapter contains a SQL Dashboard for easy configuration of SQL Queries and capturing metadata needed to provide API-based integration. When paired with a LingkSync, synchronizations previously dependent upon flat file extraction become driven by on-demand APIs. Integration with systems, like Banner by Ellucian, utilize a LingkSync productized integration wizard for self-service configuration paired with a Lingk REST Adapter.


Security by Design

Your data is owned by you and we take careful measures to make your data as safe as possible. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our infrastructure which has achieved both ISO 27001 certification and successfully completed multiple SSAE 16 audits.


Friendly Support

Have questions? Our team is here to help.

From general inquiries about the Lingk platform to more technical questions about specific data syncs—we’ve got you covered.  We offer standard and premium support level options and include in-app customer communication with our platform.