A smarter, faster way to capture, move and sync your data from applications, systems and data warehouses.


Lingk makes it easy for data workers to work with modern data to solve hard problems and make better decisions.

What distinguishes Lingk is their view of what a successful integration entails – the immediate use of the exchanged data.
— Helping Your Institution Realize Its Vision: Five EdTech Companies to Watch, Eduventures

Elevate Your Data Experience With Lingk

Built by data workers for data workers, Lingk provides an intelligent ease-of-use experience layer as a standalone application or as an extension to your existing tools to improve your overall data experience.

Immediately leverage the power and scale of Lingk for student, customer and employee data syncs to drive outcomes for big data, analytics, dashboards, reports, automated workflows and notifications.


What insights do you want to attain?


Lingk Powers Cornell 360-Degree Views

By using a Lingk Speed Wizard we could reduce development and support time. We could not only use the Wizard to initially generate an integration, but also regenerate it during testing and enhancement. Also importantly, this could be done by staff on the Salesforce team, thereby improving operational efficiency because the learning curve for a Wizard is significantly shorter than for a stick-built program. For our first rollout we integrated 25 PeopleSoft data objects and did 5 bulk conversions of historical data using Lingk wizards. That’s an incredible amount of integration done by a tiny staff. The project is considered a success and few people realize what a risk the volume of integration needs were.
— Dennis Frederick, Programmer/Analyst, Cornell

Affordably sync millions of lifecycle records across domains with ease

Implementations using Lingk attain valuable insights across lifecycles, systems and data warehouses.

Lingk iPaaS for the right job

Easily Manage Modern Data

Built on Apache Spark, Lingk provides a complete platform of big data pipelines, speed wizards, simplified ETL recipes, collaborative workspaces and transformation processing for batch and streaming data.  Aggregate data and attain meaningful insights in a fraction of the time and cost compared to other integration tools.  Data loading, syncing, aggregation and orchestration have never been easier.

By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform, Lingk provides customers with an exciting new way to access more data to transform how they interact with and support learners across a growing set of use cases to meet their institution’s objectives
— Kori O’Brien, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce.com

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