Big Data and SaaS Integration Reimagined

Lingk makes it easy for data workers to collaborate and work with modern data to solve hard problems and make better decisions.


Increase the efficiency of implementation teams with easy, reusable workspaces and recipe templates

Control your destiny with hybrid deployments in your domain

Accelerate time to market, time to insight and data on-demand with 100X faster recipe processing and integration approaches

Utilize commercially-supported connectors and/or build your own

Support for batch and streaming data patterns for AI and analytics

Make APIs easier to consume than ever before



Lingk is purpose-built to hide the complexity of APIs behind easy to use wizards and flexible SQL recipes. Lingk provides data professionals with 100X faster data processing on transformations and aggregations to increase freshness of data everywhere. Lingk technology is used for powering business intelligence, workflow automation and online customer experiences.

 Choose your Experience - Speed Wizards or SQL Recipes

Choose your Experience - Speed Wizards or SQL Recipes



Speed Wizard Experience
Speed Wizards provide all users intuitive guide posts for quickly configuring integration recipes - a faster and easier experience than stick-builder UI’s.

SQL Recipe Experience
SQL Recipe editor provides SQL lovers the power of using SQL to enable almost any type of transformation and aggregation of data.

Connectors enable you to use Speed Wizards and agile SQL Recipes to simplify integrations.


Workspaces organize projects, environments and configurations for collaboration and re-use.

Speed Wizards
Speed Wizards create custom data scenarios for re-use with other users and workspaces.

SQL Recipes
SQL Recipes contain all the integration logic for template sharing and re-use with other users and workspaces.

 Reuse recipes and data scenarios across workspaces and users.

Reuse recipes and data scenarios across workspaces and users.

 Scale to 10s, 100s, or 1000s of integrations.

Scale to 10s, 100s, or 1000s of integrations.


Try Lingk for FREE.

Low TCO, High ROI - pricing starts at only $99 per month.

Pay as you go - purchase only what you need, when you need it.


Accelerate time to insight and lower cost

Learn how Lingk is used to accelerate time to insight and reduce costs of building an integration layer.  The Lingk experience can be embedded in a SaaS platform or used directly by professional services teams and data professionals everywhere as a powerful data processing and integration tool.


Lingk Powers Unizin Big Data Platform

"The Unizin consortium of 25 universities is building a big data platform on Lingk combining SIS, LMS and learning tool activity data streams for our members to serve research and analysis of teaching and learning. Partnering with Lingk has also enabled us to more rapidly define a CEDS-aligned Unizin Common Data Model and plan the mapping and integration of data sources."
– Steve Scott, Chief Technology Officer, Unizin


Lingk Powers Cornell 360-Degree Views


"By using a Lingk Speed Wizard we could reduce development and support time.  We could not only use the Wizard to initially generate an integration, but also regenerate it during testing and enhancement.  Also importantly, this could be done by staff on the Salesforce team, thereby improving operational efficiency because the learning curve for a Wizard is significantly shorter than for a stick-built program. For our first rollout we integrated 25 PeopleSoft data objects and did 5 bulk conversions of historical data using Lingk wizards.  That’s an incredible amount of integration done by a tiny staff.  The 360-degree project is considered a success and few people realize what a risk the volume of integration needs were."
-- Dennis Frederick, Programmer/Analyst, Cornell



Lingk takes away the administrative burden of time-consuming tasks and removes the need for Excel V-Lookups or preparing separate spreadsheets to manually load data into Salesforce HEDA and custom objects.
— Gavin Britto, Managing Principal, Hubzone 24x7
What distinguishes Lingk is their view of what a successful integration entails – the immediate use of the exchanged data.
— Helping Your Institution Realize Its Vision: Five EdTech Companies to Watch, Eduventures
By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform, Lingk provides customers with an exciting new way to access more data to transform how they interact with and support learners across a growing set of use cases to meet their institution’s objectives.
— Kori O’Brien, SVP, ISV Sales,

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