Simply sync Banner data with Salesforce (HEDA, standard)

Integrate your Ellucian Banner data with Salesforce using LingkSync™ for Banner® by Ellucian. With LingkSync, provide your administrators, faculty, and students with powerful, insightful dashboards and simplified access to student lifecycle SIS data and more.


At a Glance

  • Easy access to data from Ellucian Banner for powering analytics dashboards and student lifecycle use cases including: recruitment, enrollment, academic advisement and retention, career advisement and alumni relations.
  • Self-service sync and wizards for easy configuration and setup to support student lifecycle integration projects and your Salesforce user demands.
  • Data from Ellucian Banner can be automatically mapped to Salesforce HEDA, Salesforce standard data model, and CEDS (common education data standards).
  • LingkSync™ for Banner® by Ellucian includes the Lingk Adapter for self-service on-premise Banner sync configuration.


Product Description

Lingk provides productized integration apps called LingkSync™ to enable easy syncing of learner lifecycle data stored in core enterprise systems like ERP, SIS, CRM and LMS for powering analytics dashboards and learner lifecycle use cases including recruitment, enrollment, academic advisement and retention, career advisement, alumni relations and workforce development.

Lingk technology supports integration with on-premise and cloud-based enterprise systems. The Lingk Adapter provides API access to on-premise and legacy systems.  Our education domain specific transformer framework introduces out-of-the-box data providers for reuse to key enterprise systems (SIS, CRM, LMS, ERP). Lingk productized integrations or LingkSync’s build on top of the powerful transformer framework, enabling wizard-based integration experiences embedded in Lingk or Salesforce user interfaces.

Lingk also provides standards-based education data model consulting to technology partners seeking to build a comprehensive educational data model that aligns to industry standard definitions, including CEDS, to meet broader education market needs (P-20 and workforce development).


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