A data sync is a synchronized set of lifecycle data (real-time or scheduled) made available for analytics, reporting and operational purposes through a LingkSync app. Common data sources for data syncs include educational systems such as the SIS, LMS, and CRM. Lifecycle data syncs enable new analytics insights, dashboards, reports and notifications for users.


LingkSync wizard-based apps provide the most easy to use, self-service way to sync lifecycle data with your app.

Here are some typical data sync scenarios that solve common problems:

  • Recruitment sync
  • Enrollment sync
  • Roster sync
  • Advisor sync
  • Course catalog sync
  • Learning activity sync
  • Alumni sync 

LingkSync apps power analytic insights, dashboards, reports, notifications and more.

Platforms like Lingk provide an important service in an open ecosystem: making it easy to get the right data to the right system in the right way inside this universe of open systems.
— Jeff Rubenstein, VP Product - Learning & Collaboration, Kaltura


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