Salesforce Acquired Mulesoft ... and Lingk Is Excited

Earlier this week, Salesforce announced the acquisition of Mulesoft. The acquisition gives Salesforce the means to connect to more legacy systems and provide an “enterprise” tool for APIs that appeals to IT teams. Most of the current tools provided by Salesforce are developer tools, but not all developer tools for integration and APIs are enterprise.

Lingk, the Data Experience Company, provides a powerful, easy-to-use platform for consuming multiple data sources that easily connects to microservices exposed by Mulesoft. Lingk sees the acquisition as a big boost for Salesforce business process integration and APIs (especially standard-based oData APIs needed for Salesforce Connect and other enterprise systems).

The Mulesoft acquisition should provide some big benefits to Salesforce customers but doesn’t solve all problems and introduces a few more. Lingk solves some of the “unsolved” problems of the Mulesoft acquisition:

  • Ease of Use through Speed Wizards and flexible recipes making integration and data processing easy
  • High-Performance batch and streaming data processing supporting data preparation, analytics and machine learning
  • Native SQL support enabling data workers with database skills to build integrations, data pipelines and learn big data skills
  • Unique Connectors for Education and Non-Profit systems (SIS, LMS, Caliper, and more)
  • Intelligent Scenarios designed for Salesforce vertical domains in higher education (HEDA) and non-profit (NPSP) data models (recruitment, student success, advancement)
  • Connecting Data from multiple iPaaS platforms (Mulesoft, Informatica, Jitterbit, Dell Boomi, SnapLogic and others) in a unified way

Lingk empowers the role of the data worker (integrators and analysts) who needs to both connect data from multiple API sources and generate reports and dashboards with easy-to-use wizard and recipes. With Lingk’s Apache Spark foundation, data workers can accomplish large data processing tasks not possible with a general-purpose integration tool -- aggregation, stream processing, master data management and augmented analytics.

This acquisition opens up many new opportunities to get excited about. We are excited to provide easy to use integration tools that connect to reporting and analytics outcomes. We are excited to enable Mulesoft customers access to additional data processing capabilities and connectors. We are excited to provide a better data experience for customer success.