Salesforce And MuleSoft

Earlier this week, Salesforce announced the acquisition of MuleSoft. The acquisition gives Salesforce the means to connect to more legacy systems and provide an “enterprise” tool for APIs that appeals to IT teams. Most of the current tools provided by Salesforce are developer tools, but not all developer tools for integration and APIs are enterprise.

Lingk, the leader in democratizing big data processing for everyday use, provides a powerful, easy-to-use platform for consuming multiple flat file data sources that easily connects to microservices exposed by MuleSoft. Lingk sees the acquisition as a big boost for Salesforce business process integration and APIs (especially standard-based oData APIs needed for Salesforce Connect and other enterprise systems).

The MuleSoft acquisition will provide some big benefits to Salesforce customers but doesn’t solve all problems and introduces a few more. Lingk solves some of the “unsolved” problems of the MuleSoft acquisition.

  • Automatically process flat file data across diverse file formats of any size, up to 100x faster, using Lingk’s Apache Spark stateless in-memory SQL recipe engine.

  • Apply in-memory database technology to perform staging, deduplication, data diff and transformations from varied sources on billions of rows of data — and automatically load data into data warehouses, data lakes and file stores.

  • Utilize big data processing in the cloud to extend the life of desktop investments and avoid employee downtime upgrading hardware.

  • Leverage SQL experience in powerful new ways — including flat files, APIs, and integrations.

  • Manage all data and projects from a web browser with no software to install.

Modernize and automate “everyday-everywhere” messy, manual flat file processes with Lingk.

Modernize and automate “everyday-everywhere” messy, manual flat file processes with Lingk.


Lingk users can choose flat files from common sources — including local files, SFTP and Amazon S3 — and integrate them into SaaS platforms for Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Finance and IoT. Business rules for the entire process can be scheduled or API triggered for full automation and users can add intelligent flat file events to automatically trigger workflows in tools like Zapier or Slack.

With Lingk’s Apache Spark foundation, data workers can accomplish large data processing tasks not possible with a general-purpose integration tool -- aggregation, stream processing, master data management and augmented analytics.

This acquisition opens up many new opportunities to get excited about. We are excited to enable Salesforce and MuleSoft customers access to big data processing capabilities and automation for everyday-everywhere flat file use. We are excited to provide a better data experience for customer success.