Why Lingk?

We're the application data platform that gives you an edge in development, adoption, and sales.

Whether you are building your first education application or extending an existing one, Lingk provides a standards-based - yet extensible - data model, simple REST APIs, and enterprise data integration capabilities.

Simplify development of education technology and products

Lower the stress of innovation

Obtaining product-market fit and meeting the needs of students for a new education product requires a strong focus on core value propositions. Building a strong data foundation with learning analytics and integration capabilities into legacy enterprise systems like a Student Information System (SIS) or Learning Management System (LMS) is a necessity to meet the needs of students and institutions  but takes time and expertise. Lingk takes the stress out of meeting enterprise requirements by providing tools, technology and expertise.

Accelerate the pace of modernization

Maintaining existing technology can challenge academic innovation, technology leadership and business success. Lingk data tools augment your existing education products with support for integration technology and industry standards, equipping you with the technology and expertise needed to keep pace with the industry.

Become data integration savvy

Increase your success deploying to the enterprise

For products relying on the learning management system (LMS) for data or using manual data integration techniques, the process of implementing an enterprise product from engineering to implementation can be difficult. Lingk’s integration tools give you the confidence to deploy into enterprise environments and to collaborate effectively with institutional IT.

Simplify FERPA compliance

The principles and per institution practices of FERPA compliance can be challenging. The Lingk Data Tools Platform provides centralized management of FERPA compliant data and multiple secure techniques for sharing data. And when you want to provide tools to help students manage their own data, Lingk provides a solid foundation for building unique student data solutions.

Leverage your strengths

Expand your data footprint

Outsourcing integration services enables you to expand your data footprint and to accelerate building other parts of your product. Lingk’s Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) aligned data dictionary provides a common language to unify your sales and engineering teams when responding to customers that need additional data capabilities.

Improve interoperability through industry standards

Interoperability using industry standards is key to winning new enterprise business. Lingk improves interoperability by providing external data tools (data models and protocols) that stay out of the way of ongoing architectures improvements. Since Lingk is cloud-based software, your interoperability continuously improves as Lingk adds support for more datasets and new industry standards like xAPI and Caliper.

“For us, the ROI from Lingk comes from enabling faster, easier implementations of our flagship Think Through Math application and redeployment our of highly-skilled technical personnel to other strategic projects.”
— Allison Duquette, Executive Vice President, Think Through Learning