Why Lingk?

We’re the solution for data management and integration that brings together institutions and application providers to do everything from streamlining operations to introducing new innovations.

The Challenge

Application growth and data demands have increased campus technology complexity.

Managing it shouldn’t be so consuming.

The current hairball and fragile state of institutional data integrations

Reimagined and Simplified

For Application Providers

Eases SIS integration development

SIS integration can be a frustrating endeavor -- slowing adoption, requiring guesses and convincing IT to support something unique. Lingk reduces anxiety through standard API protocols, common data models, and the latest security techniques. 

Improves communication with institution IT

Understanding data and how it should be used is one of the primary SIS integration challenges. Lingk provides a standard data model to make data approachable for integration and reporting.

Increases collaboration across teams

As applications increase by tens or hundreds, integration quickly becomes an operational risk. Lingk provides a unified integration console, bringing configuration and conversation together in one place.

Accelerates pilot to production

Challenged in getting from pilot to production? Without automated access to key data, more work is needed by all parties to demonstrate value through adoption. Lingk eliminates custom development and enables a pace to match business needs.

For Institutions

Simplifies integrations and reporting

Deploying more applications can complicate integration and reporting. Lingk provides industry-standard data models and governed access to data through a single, open API. Lingk-ready apps streamline rollout, speeding time to IT innovation.

Secures data as integrations grow

Growth in application integrations can increase unwanted data exposure. Lingk ensures consistent data governance through a unified management console, providing single-point visibility. 

Facilitates approval processes

Application integration approvals often require due diligence by many parties. By combining standard data definitions and protocols with integration relationship management (IRM), Lingk offers both technical and collaborative capabilities to accelerate the approval process.

Enables safe SIS upgrades and migrations

Upgrading or migrating an SIS can be difficult due to the many dependencies for mission-critical data. With Lingk’s cloud-based data store, upgrades happen with no impact to applications relying on the data.