Do you have challenges building or maintaining innovations that require student data?

Do you have limited knowledge on building enterprise-level interoperable education technology?

 Do you have limited time or resources to build new integration technology?

Discover What Makes Lingk Different



Simplify integration using a standard data model and integration techniques like APIs, FTP, and LTI.

collect & Protect

Collect data in a scalable education standards-aligned data store to power data-driven applications while maintaining security, privacy and compliance.



Build products that exceed expectations by confidently accessing the data required to create innovative user experiences and deliver them to the market in less time.



What It Means

You build applications that Empower users. We’ll handle the REST.

How It Works

Lingk provides a set of data tools to build or up level your application for enterprise adoption, align with education standards and scale to meet customer demand.

The Lingk platform provides information about the student and their education to applications the way developers want it – in a secure cloud environment with modern APIs and with a bridge to legacy file-based integration techniques.





Lingk provides secure APIs and bulk import tools for institution, student, and event data. These APIs provide the solution for large and small, legacy and innovative connected apps and systems that have a basic need to share and integrate with disparate data sources. Lingk has a place for all your connected apps.

Data integration projects can be reduced from months to days to hours. Promoting consistent access to common data through REST APIs or flat files allows an institution to provide applications access to data without having to build a custom integration each time.