Introducing Lingk TM - An easy-to-use data platform for building education applications.

Building successful applications across devices while integrating enterprise data sources requires knowledge of the student from the data model to the APIs.  There’s a brand new way. Rapidly build or enhance applications with continuously improving integration capabilities with the new Lingk platform.


A Modern, Open API Platform with Standard Datasets for Higher Education

Lingk empowers higher education innovators and ed-tech developers to transform applications into easy-to-integrate enterprise solutions.

CEDS data workspaces

CEDS Data Workspaces represent isolated CEDS-aligned datasets that can be connected with multiple schools, enterprise systems, other innovations or used in support of developers that have a multi-stage software development life cycle. Each CEDS Data Workspace has dedicated API/FTP endpoints and security credentials allowing for new data hubs to be simply created on demand.

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Lingk provides REST APIs for the data contained in each CEDS Data Workspace. The REST APIs can be used to read, write, update and delete data. Transactional and bulk data capabilities allow developers to build diverse application use cases.


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FTP/WebDav Import

In order to support existing data integration processes from enterprise systems, CEDS Data Workspace contains an endpoint for FTP/Webdav imports of delimited files. Lingk serves as a bridge between the past and the future with batch (file-based) or real-time (APIs) imports.


Learning events

Learning events are automatically captured in the CEDS data format. The CEDS data dictionary for learning aligns with the XAPI standard and is flexible to support many types of learning experiences.

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JavaScript data collect

Adding data to a CEDS Data Workspace can be as easy as configuring JavaScript Data Collect in your web application. Now learning events can be captured from any user interaction - turning any web application into education technology.


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