Lingk Introduces Salesforce Free Edition to Simplify Data Preparation, Loading and Analytics.

Salesforce data workers now have the ability to quickly load data with simple data loaders and flexible recipes for data preparation and analytics.

Danville, CA (PRWeb) March 20, 2018 -

Lingk Inc. today announced a free edition of the Lingk platform for Salesforce users. Salesforce data workers can deliver reports faster with easy-to-use tools for loading, preparation and analytics. Lingk provides speed wizard data loaders with deep recruitment, student success, and advancement data scenarios. For more advanced data loading, preparation and analytics, Salesforce data workers can build flexible recipes using the web-based Lingk recipe editor.

salesforce free edition key features

Simplified HEDA and Custom Data Loading for Recruitment, Student Success and Advancement

Load data into Salesforce HEDA and custom data models from recruitment, student success, and advancement data sources that reside in local CSV files or on SFTP. LingkSync data loaders provide speed wizards to guide your steps and automap key Salesforce scenarios.

Sophisticated Reporting and Analytics with the Power of SQL

Utilize SQL in flexible recipes to prepare, load, migrate and aggregate data. With a recipe, data workers can select and join data from cloud-based and on-premise data sources using powerful SQL statements. Solving sophisticated Salesforce reporting needs is easier than ever before.

Improved Collaboration Between Data Workers and Business Lines

One of the biggest barriers to agile delivery of reports, dashboards and analytics is communication and transparency. Lingk’s workspaces enable teams to collaborate on data pipelines and insights.

Reduced Complexity When Managing Salesforce Data

Salesforce integration sometimes requires painful tasks. Data workers can jump through a lot of hoops to build a good data load. Examples include using V-Lookups in Excel to find Salesforce Object IDs to copy and paste operations to manually join multiple Salesforce objects. With Lingk, Data workers now have an easy and fast way to build a good data load.  "The Lingk Salesforce Edition takes away the administrative burden of time-consuming tasks,” savs Gavin Britto, Managing Principal, Hubzone 24x7, “and removes the need for Excel V-Lookups or preparing separate spreadsheets to manually load data into HEDA objects." 

Lingk eliminates the need for managing Salesforce Object IDs and joining multiple Salesforce objects to enable full lifecycle reporting.

What’s included with Lingk’s Salesforce Free edition?

Each free Lingk Salesforce Edition account includes:

  • Access to all LingkSync Salesforce data loaders
  • Access to both manual and scheduled data loads
  • Easy-to-use Wizards and powerful recipes
  • Scenarios for custom and HEDA data models
  • Ability to join and aggregate data and output to Salesforce or SFTP
  • Ability to add others to your project workspace to increase transparency and collaboration

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