Lingk Announces New Education Data Feed Service to Speed Enterprise Data Integration

New API-focused Service Gives Technology Teams a First-Class Seat at the Enterprise Data Feed Table

Danville, CA (PRWeb) April 15, 2016 - 

To meet the overwhelming demand for cost-effective access and the secure sharing of education enterprise data, Lingk now offers an Express Data Feeds service for EdTech vendors, institutions and corporate teams. Express Data Feeds quickly gains access to high quality, legacy system education data using a modern provisioning service and data management at an affordable cost compared to outdated methods. The service is used to power data-connected cloud and mobile apps for many use cases, including improving student lifecycle experiences and student success.

Express Data Feeds are provided as a white glove service where customers can simply request a data feed from a data source (like a SIS, LMS, or CRM) and Lingk will provision the data feed in your account. The Lingk Data Engine stores data feeds in a standardized CEDS-aligned data model and provides open REST APIs for easy and consistent access. The CEDS data model is an open standard and aligns with many educational data standards including iPEDS, PESC, SIF, EdFi and xAPI.

“Lingk provides a standardized set of APIs based on Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). This allows developers to focus on a single integration point for consistent data access, rather than learn the landscape of data system APIs from hundreds of other vendors and platforms,” said Jeff Alderson, Principal Analyst at Eduventures, a research firm focused on innovation in education.

Benefits of Lingk Express Data Feeds include: 

  • Simply start with a single data feed pilot using Lingk 
  • Use Lingk to provide white-glove turnkey service for your data integration needs at a fraction of alternative methods and an ROI within a few months 
  • Leverage Lingk data experts versus hiring staff for data integration, and redeploy your budget to core strategic initiatives 
  • Work with open APIs and open standard data models for maximum ecosystem interoperability 
  • Receive on-going enhancements to data feeds, standards support and workflows with a first class seat at the enterprise data table

Express Data Feeds are built on top of the powerful Lingk data engine and API platform, which has received high reviews from customers, thought leaders and analysts. The data platform provides a wide range of capabilities for securing, sharing, monitoring and reporting on data feed usage for institutions, enterprises and OEM technology partners.

EdTech vendors realize short-term and long-term benefits of the Express Data Feed service. Gareth Hancock, Chief Product Officer at Macmillan Enterprise Solutions Group, said “The potential benefits of removing the barrier for connecting higher education data sources in a well organized, secure manner are enormous. Lingk provides an elegant, scalable solution to this problem, granting institutions and data-oriented solution providers like Macmillan a cost-effective path to aggregating and organizing data to help improve student outcome goals.”

Institutions can use Express Data Feeds as an opportunity to provide technology leadership. Joseph Vaughan, CIO of Harvey Mudd College in California confirms this leadership benefit and claims it changes conversations with EdTech vendors. He stated, "With Lingk in the picture, you would be in a position to say: Here is the REST API for integrating with our data. Please have your developers do the integration using it. The good thing, from the vendor's point of view, is that if they've done the integration once, they've done it for everyone who is using the same data model and APIs.”

Pricing starts around $5,000 for the service and discounts are available with volume purchase agreements. Customers can upgrade to a Data Platform account to receive the breadth of capabilities needed for strategic data initiatives and for deeper discounts.

Lingk will be presenting on April 19 at 11:00 AM in the Americas Cup room at the ASU-GSV Summit for Education Technology Leaders and Investors. The event is held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego.

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Lingk™ provides data technologies and REST APIs that facilitate API integration at scale and secure student data through Express Data Feeds and the Lingk Data & API Platform. The solution streamlines connections between legacy systems and enterprise campus and learning solutions. With Lingk, technology and product teams reduce the costs associated with infrastructure interoperability and instead accelerate academic and business innovation. Learn more at or follow @lingk_io on Twitter.

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