A data sync is a synchronized set of data (real-time or scheduled) made available for analytics, reporting and operational purposes through a LingkSync speed wizard. Data syncs quickly surface new analytic insights, dashboards, reports, automated workflows and notifications.


LingkSync speed wizards provide the most fast, easy to use, self-service way to sync data.

Here are some typical data sync scenarios that solve common problems:

  • Recruitment sync
  • Admission sync
  • Enrollment sync
  • Roster sync
  • Advisor sync
  • Course catalog sync
  • Learning activity sync
  • Alumni sync

Lingk provides Cornell an extremely fast and easy to use solution for our 360-degree view student engagement initiatives.
— Vicky Mikula Assistant Director, Commercial and Collaboration Applications and Integrations, Cornell Information Technology (CIT)
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Available LingkSyncs

General Loaders

  • Local CSV File(s) to Salesforce
  • SFTP to Salesforce

Student Information Systems (SIS)

  • Banner by Ellucian to Salesforce
  • Peoplesoft Campus Solutions to Salesforce 
  • Colleague by Ellucian to Salesforce

LingkSyncs for SIS platforms utilize the Lingk REST Adapter to connect on-premise data to the Lingk platform.

    Learning Management Systems (LMS)

    • Blackboard to Salesforce
    • Canvas to Salesforce

    Accelerate your outcomes with faster integration

    LingkSync speed wizards surface analytic insights, dashboards, reports, automated workflows, notifications and more.

    The Lingk Salesforce Edition takes away the administrative burden of time-consuming tasks and removes the need for Excel V-Lookups or preparing separate spreadsheets to manually load data into HEDA objects.
    — Gavin Britto, Managing Principal, Hubzone 24x7

    LingkSync Speed Wizards available in White Labeled or OEM Editions


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