Ellucian customers have more opportunities than ever to take advantage of the rapidly expanding higher education ecosystem of systems and tools. Challenges with integrating the Ellucian SIS and CRM platforms with this ecosystem can hold back innovation. Ellucian Ethos provides a consistent set of APIs for many of the Ellucian platforms and can accelerate the integration process.

The Ellucian Ethos Model

The Ellucian Ethos Model



Accelerating the integration process

Lingk provides tools to help Ellucian customers transition and adopt Ethos APIs rapidly.  This includes a sound strategy for modernizing existing flat file-based processes alongside new Ethos API integrations. Ellucian Ethos data patterns are optimized for interactive operations with the proxy pattern, and for event-based synchronization with the PubSub pattern. Lingk SQL Recipes handle both processing of bulk data and routing streaming data - enabling any Ethos data pattern to be easily utilized.

Mapping Plans - An easier way to plan your Ellucian Ethos integration

Mapping Plans - An easier way to plan your Ellucian Ethos integration

Recipe Editor - Use the power of SQL to join multiple Ethos APIs

Recipe Editor - Use the power of SQL to join multiple Ethos APIs

Solutions for All customers & Partners

For Ellucian on-premise customers that have Ethos enabled, the Ethos APIs represent a potential “easy button” for vendor access to on-premise SIS data and building new user experiences for students and faculty. But not all vendors will have Ethos API support, so the next opportunity is for the institution customer to use Ethos APIs as their primary external data pipeline, i.e their vendor ecosystem integration layer. To do so, Lingk provides an easy SQL recipe solution to join multiple Ethos APIs together to extract a flat file or write to an external API - without having to resort to thousands of lines of code.

For Ellucian SaaS customers, the Ethos APIs are the primary mechanism for reading and writing data from the SIS. With Lingk, you have the ability to accomplish all the tasks you need for migrating and integrating new systems within the ecosystem to help you get the most from your Ellucian investment.

For Ellucian partners, adopting Ethos APIs as a means of integration can be a challenge with existing integration approaches, services team capabilities or product priority. With Lingk, you have the ability to use your existing integration approaches (for instance, writing to a flat file) while consuming a customer's Ethos APIs. This enables a low barrier of entry and reduces the need to rewrite your integration layer for supporting Ellucian customers. Lingk SQL recipes are reusable, so once you have built the recipe for the first customer, you can reuse the same recipe for the next one.

For Ellucian customers without Ethos, Lingk provides the Lingk Adapter for Banner by Ellucian, Colleague by Ellucian and PowerCampus by Ellucian.  This Adapter provides a lightweight service layer on top of Oracle, SQL Server or Unidata databases enabling easier connectivity.

Most Ellucian products utilize SQL (for Oracle or MS SQL Server databases) for existing data processes. For data workers with knowledge of SQL, Lingk recipes enable SQL (LingkQL) use for file and API integrations. Now Ellucian data workers can leverage their existing SQL skills to become data magicians and connect to the broader education ecosystem in record time.

Learn how Lingk recipes are used to accelerate time to insight, customer success and dramatically reduce the high costs of managing flat file processes, system migrations and implementations. The Lingk experience can be embedded into any SaaS platform UX or used natively by data professionals and professional services teams as a powerful data loader, integration and automation tool. Simply reuse recipes from the public recipe library as starting points for creating new private libraries.

Lingk CONNECtORS for the Ellucian Ecosystem

Student Information Systems (SIS)

Elllucian Ethos, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, Ellucian PowerCampus

CRM Systems

Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more...

HR/Finance Systems

Workday, PeopleSoft and more...

Data Warehouses

AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery and more...

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Instructure Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Moodle and more...

Cloud Infrastructure

AWS S3, AWS RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage and more...

General Purpose

On-premise databases, SFTP, Flat Files, Excel, Google Spreadsheets and more...


Lingk scales to fit your needs

As team members come and go, managing multiple integration projects can be very challenging. For organizations, workspaces enable each project to have it's own collaborative space to bring people and processes together. For technology providers, each workspace can represent a customer engagement - bringing all your implementation, professional services, and support operations together.