Data Worker Experience

We understand you are responsible for working with data and have the skill set and knowledge about what you want to accomplish. Your project may be very simple or have sophisticated requirements. 

Either way, working with data should feel easy and familiar like driving a car. Lingk provides an easy road for data processing and integration best practice.


Choosing a Speed Wizard or SQL Recipe Experience

Your user experience with Lingk can be selected by choosing a path based on your familiarity with the concepts of SQL.

  • If you are not familiar with SQL, then using Speed Wizards will be the preferred path to configure your recipe.
  • If you have experience using SQL, you will immediately enjoy using the power and agility of the Recipe Builder.

All-In-One Experience

Whether you choose to configure recipes using speed wizards or the SQL recipe builder, both paths will generate recipes that contain all the workflow logic for automating your data processing and integrations. Recipes are reusable and can be shared with other Lingk users.

Recipes can be triggered based on time schedules you set or based on subscribing to events. An example of this would be using a time based schedule to trigger a daily data load of a contacts file on SFTP to a Salesforce CRM. The same file can also be triggered to load to the CRM based on a workflow approval event.

Getting Started

You have knowledge about what you want to accomplish. You know the connections to integrate, data to process and have an idea of how you want to automate data flows.   Lingk makes it easy to get started in a few steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Create a workspace to organize your project
  3. Select your connectors and environments
  4. Plan and share your data mappings using the built in planning tool (optional)
  5. Configure your recipes(s) using a Speed Wizard or the Recipe Builder
  6. Schedule, view and test run your recipes
  7. Correct errors and refine recipes using the built in monitoring tool
  8. Deploy recipes into production

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