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Salesforce Free Edition

Salesforce Data Workers... Finally, a tool built to meet your data loading and reporting needs. The Salesforce Free Edition brings all the Lingk Salesforce-focused features into a single easy-to-use package.

  • Access to all LingkSync Salesforce data loaders
  • Access to both manual and (1) scheduled data loads
  • Easy-to-use Wizards and powerful recipes
  • Scenarios for custom and HEDA data models
  • Join and aggregate data and output to Salesforce or SFTP
  • Add your tea to your project workspace to increase transparency and collaboration
  • Connect to iPaaS platforms (Mulesoft, etc) via microservices
 LingkSync Speed Wizards

LingkSync Speed Wizards

The only Data Experience Platform that lets data analysts, data engineers, data integrators and education domain experts  collaborate together to solve hard problems and make better decisions.

  • Collaborative Workspaces
  • Speed Wizards with deep data scenarios
  • Full SQL Support for Cloud & On-Premise data sources
  • Streaming & Batch Transformation Recipes
  • Connected Analytics
  • Big Data Architecture on Apache Spark
  • Education & Enterprise Ecosystem Connectors
  • Connect to iPaaS platforms (Mulesoft, etc) via microservices
 Lingk Recipe Editor

Lingk Recipe Editor


Whitelabel and Embedded Solutions


Lingk can accelerate your integration efforts with integration experiences that will delight your users, accelerate your implementations and comply with your data standards.

 Whitelabel & Embedded Solutions

Whitelabel & Embedded Solutions