Technology providers face a number of data challenges as they drive for growth, scale operations and respond to new competitive threats. The good news is that Lingk can help!

Lingk provides solutions to simplify and modernize ecosystem integration layers and big data processing to improve customer success. Here are several areas where Lingk helps technology providers:

Ecosystem Data

Building an ecosystem around APIs and data products can be very challenging. A Lingk-driven ecosystem integration strategy enables batch and streaming data ingestion, publishing system events to third-parties, and consuming APIs using familiar SQL skills.

Integration Experiences

A white labeled or embedded data integration product designed for technology platforms to provide innovative user experiences with batch and streaming data (Speed Wizards and SQL Recipes).

Professional Services Teams

Lingk's Customer Data Platform is designed to save professional service teams time and money for data migration and sophisticated data automation. Whether you need to cleanse, merge, deduplicate or aggregrate data, professional services teams can deliver successful file-based or API-driven projects that satisfy customer demands faster than ever before.

Lingk's solutions for professional services teams provide easy-to-use tools that help reduce time to value, increase the quality of customer solutions, and increase re-usability between projects. For growing professional services teams, Lingk provides an easy way for members to learn the patterns and processes of data automation and integration in a collaborative and web-based tool.

M&A Time to Value

Bringing together data from acquired systems in order to create additional value for customers, engineering, and sales can take years. With Lingk, data is easily normalized and shared across systems regardless of architecture to quickly improve customer intelligence and success.


Lingk provides a proven path to success to align with key data needs across your organization. From tools optimizing professional services to providing innovative new data products, technology providers can accelerate customer success today.

Getting Started is Easy

Professional Services Team Optimization

When you are tired of assigning more people to spreadsheet or integration problems, instead use Lingk Speed Wizards and SQL Recipes to simplify data migration and data automation projects and accelerate time-to-live.

Ecosystem Connection Strategy Consulting

When you need advice on where the industry is going, how to construct scalable data models, and use your data to meet business goals, Lingk’s consulting team can help you design an ecosystem strategy for success.

Lots of Room to Grow

Customer Onboarding & Success Tools

When you want to hide the complexity of APIs and increase self service options for customer success. Lingk provides several innovative UX options -- white labeling, embedded Wizards, and sharing SQL Recipes.

Connected Analytics for Customer Intelligence

When you want to enable your customer success teams to have 360-degree views of the customer and improve retention, Lingk provides a solution that enables:
-  Connected analytics to CRM for customer success.
- Data transformation and aggregation across customer segments.
- Product usage data capture and aggregation across a multi-product portfolio.

Big Data Processing and Analytics

When you want to supercharge your data architecture, Lingk’s Transformer Engine enables hybrid data-processing-as-a-service to provide a next generation data architecture built on Apache Spark that combines AI/ML, compliance, cost-effectiveness, performance and flexibility.


Using Lingk can give you a strategic advantage over other options. The grid below outlines the central concepts of Lingk and how we are different to give your organization strength in a competitive marketplace.

Lingk Others
Strong focus on easy and agile integration user experiences
Support hundreds of concurrent customers and/or projects
Store your data anywhere
Collaborate online in project teams
Process data from any source files, APIs, databases, and more
x x
Built for the convergence of integration and analytics
Built for real-time and scheduled processes
Easily extend into machine learning and AI
Enterprise connectors
x x
Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail domain expertise and connectors

Embedded and White labelED Solutions