In today’s education environment, demands for new applications are growing. Applications must simply “mesh” with one another while accessing enterprise data. And for students, a responsive, engaging experience is a must.

Using Lingk’s modern REST APIs you can reinvent how your application gets student and institutional data, deploys, and thrives. Develop on a foundation that ensures campus-wide scale and interoperability. Simply connect once with an institution, and get time back for core product development.

Lingk’s Education Data Tools Platform

The Lingk platform empowers education innovators and developers to transform applications into easy-to-integrate enterprise solutions.

  • Rapidly build applications that simply work with others – legacy, enterprise (SIS, CRM, LMS) and next-generation.
  • Manage data in a Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) data model.
  • Collect learning event data to support deeper reporting and analytics.
  • Gain a consistent integration strategy and reduce support costs.

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“For us, the ROI from Lingk comes from enabling faster, easier implementations of our flagship Think Through Math application and redeployment our of highly-skilled technical personnel to other strategic projects.”
— Allison Duquette, Executive Vice President, Think Through Learning

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