Data Model Strategy, Workshops and Consulting Services 

Lingk provides data model consulting and workshops to technology partners seeking to design with a comprehensive data model to meet broader market use cases.  Lingk and its consulting partners have proven expertise implementing standards, including Common Educational Data Standards (CEDS), aligned data models for both large and small oraginzations and technology vendors.

The Unizin consortium is building a data platform combining SIS, LMS and learning tools data for our members to serve research and analysis of teaching and learning. Partnering with Lingk has enabled us to more rapidly define a CEDS-aligned Unizin Common Data Model and plan the mapping and integration of data sources
— Steve Scott, Chief Technology Officer, Unizin

Data Model Use Cases

Operational Data Store

For operational data stores, Lingk understands the high volume use cases needed to support data-driven personalized learning environments, real-time administrative dashboards and one-to-one communication.  Building an operational data store with CEDS alignment provides a solid basis for cross-functional understanding of the data model, simplifies building concrete APIs, and can support alignment with any data store technology.  CEDS has proven successful for operational data storage use cases in standards like EdFi and IMS OneRoster.

Lingk provides complimentary access to a CEDS-aligned Operational Data Store and REST APIs to test and inform your ODS data model concepts.

Data Warehouse

For data warehouses, Lingk understands the need for long-term storage that aligns to data science and analytics scenarios.  Building a data warehouse with CEDS alignment ensures that data scientists have a clear understanding of the data by using contextualized data.  CEDS has proven successful for analytics and reporting use cases like IPEDS government reporting and longitudinal state reporting.


Data Model Consulting Approach

Data Domain Discovery

Lingk starts by documenting the domain and business problems associated with your data needs.  What data entities are needed?  What parts of the learner lifecycle are critical for success?  What existing systems have data that need to map to the new data model?  What technologies will be used for storing the data (SQL, NoSQL, etc).  During this phase, Lingk works closely in collaboration with your product management and architects.

Data Model and Dictionary Creation

Lingk then moves on to modelling your data needs with CEDS alignment and providing a recommended data dictionary for your review. During this phase, Lingk works closely in collaboration with the product management, architects and engineers.

Integration Planning

As engineering starts implementing the data model to meet the business needs, Lingk looks at each of the systems that need integration with the data model and the best practice techniques that will need to be employed.  A thorough evaluation of the capabilities of your data repository and the technologies built on top of it will be key to understanding how third-party systems push or pull data into your repository.

After integration planning, technology partners can move into the integration implementation phase using the Lingk Platform – a data pipeline delivery model to ensure self-service integration for key systems into your data repository.


Data Model Workshops

Poor data models can make integration and analytics difficult. Whether you need to educate your team or map out your model, Lingk data model workshops and consulting can help you build or extend existing custom data models to align to standards. 

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Specialized consulting engagements

Do you have special data integration needs or want to build a future-proof solution?  Our Lingk data sync experts are available for specialized consulting engagements.  For a free initial consultation, contact us online and talk to one of our data sync experts.