The Lingk Platform supports integrations with many popular systems through pre-built connectors. Connectors enable you to use Visual SQL Wizards and agile SQL Recipes for integrations, flat file automation and data pipelines. Let us know if there is a connector you don’t see on our public list, we are continually adding more based on customer demand!

Streaming Event INTEGRATIONS

You can use the following streaming event sources to easily handle JSON event data formats.

  • Amazon SQS

  • Google PubSub

Lingk + NIFI Integrations and Data Flows

For sophisticated cloud data workflows, on-premise database connectivity (including Oracle for Banner by Ellucian, PeopleSoft, and Colleague by Ellucian), and real-time event driven data sources (IOT, database changes, social media), Lingk provides commercially-supported extensions (templates and processors) for Apache Nifi.

Lingk's extensions for Apache Nifi enable you to:

  • Turn any database into a REST API (i.e. Lingk Adapter)

  • Add REST APIs to Unidata systems (i.e. Colleague by Ellucian)

Commercially supported Apache Nifi is available from Hortonworks (Linux and Windows) or SyncFusion (Windows).