Key Insights to Integrating your SIS with Salesforce using Lingk

by: Dale McCrory

Recently, we participated in’s webinar SIS and Salesforce CRM Integration. I was fortunate to represent Lingk on this webinar and wanted to share some key insights that can help you better integrate your SIS with Salesforce.

  1. Salesforce and SIS integration with purpose-built tools is faster than generic tools

    Our LingkSync products are designed to reduce the time it takes to integrate the SIS and Salesforce CRM. Each LingkSync includes a wizard-based configuration and mapping tool designed to guide you through the process without giving you a set of generic connector.

    Enterprise iPaaS tools play a strong enabling role with back-office integration like finance and HR system integrations, but don’t make it easier to orchestrate sophisticated on-premise to cloud API integrations.

  2. Adopting Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) accelerates student lifecycle integration

    Salesforce HEDA is a data model and architecture represents a big opportunity for institutions who adopt Salesforce to have similar implementations with other institutions and utilize the latest Salesforce HEDA-based products. Mapping data models can be difficult, but if you align to standard Data Models, as much as possible, you will be able to take advantage of immediate integration benefits and reduce long term maintenance.

    LingkSync products support automatic HEDA mapping for Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) aligned data.

    If you use a Salesforce data model other than HEDA, the LingkSync products make mapping your data models quicker than ever before.

  3. Leverage existing technology with a common, modern data access approach for Banner by Ellucian, Colleague by Ellucian, and PeopleSoft Campus Solution

    LingkSync products include the Lingk REST Adapter. The Lingk REST Adapter provides a common implementation pattern for creating bidirectional APIs into your unique Banner, Colleague and Peoplesoft Campus Solutions instances.

  4. Choose to use the latest integration technologies and patterns when implementing your next-generation strategies

    Choosing Lingk means that you have a partner who is providing products using the latest technologies and standards for integrating key systems. SIS vendors continue to advance their next generation integration initiatives (i.e. Ellucian Ethos APIs). Salesforce introduces new integration capabilities on a regular basis (i.e. Platform Events). Whatever is coming next, Lingk is committed to supporting the best approach for integration in our products and providing you the support needed to implement these patterns.