Edtech Community Comes Together to Discuss CEDS Adoption

The CEDS (Common Educational Data Standards) foundation recently held a webinar that showcased edtech vendors' use of CEDS in their latest solutions. We were pleased to be a featured solution in the webinar. Joseph Vaughan, CIO at Harvey Mudd College (HMC), joined us to speak about how HMC uses Lingk and CEDS for institutional innovation and the larger goals of simplifying vendor data integration with enterprise data feeds.

The CEDS data standard is important when evaluating education data products. CEDS provides a rich P-20W data dictionary that makes it easier for vendors to integrate across multiple institutions and to provide rich, data-driven reporting features. CEDS is the basis for other education data standards like PESC, EdFi, SIF and iPEDS.

A few key questions you should ask yourself before building your next education data warehouse or database are:

  1. Am I reinventing the wheel for things like courses, students, and staff?

  2. Do I have a strategy about how this data will align with institution and vendor data?

  3. Can I use my common data to improve data integration and boost key reporting?

View the webinar to learn more about how CEDS is incorporated into the edtech community's latest solutions. The presentation of the Lingk solution starts at 42:00.

To learn more about the Lingk Data Engine and API Platform, talk to us at hello@lingk.io.