Increase Your Market Share and Product Adoption with Automated Staff and Student Rostering

Does your current integration strategy slow your product adoption?
Do you need to reduce faculty and staff burden with setup or to power data-driven features?
Do you have internal processes that rely on customer’s attaching student data to emails?
Do your LMS integrations fall short on the complete data needed to advance your business to the next level?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are probably thinking through your integration strategy for accessing staff and student roster data.

You may be evaluating or struggling with one of these potential options:

  1. Using the LMS to access roster data
    This option is easy to get started with and uses a standard approach to accessing a limited amount of data. Generally, roster data is captured on a per student basis after launching an application and results in incomplete rosters. Some LMS providers enable complete access to the roster data, but each expose the data using different approaches making your services approach inconsistent. Therefore, you need a better strategy.
  2. Implementing a third-party connector strategy
    This option can be very costly to get started (and to scale out), is focused primarily on point-to-point connectivity and requires a lot of internal expertise to fully embrace. Each connector (one for each of your customers) requires customization increasing your services costs and reducing your ability to serve customers affordably.

  3. Building your own integration infrastructure and strategy
    This option may require significant internal expertise and investment (technical and customer facing). Once the initial investment is complete, integration options change over time. For instance, it was once popular to use SOAP APIs, but today most integration is done using REST APIs. Likewise, industry standards continually evolve. Without continued investment, your integration tools will become stagnant, impacting customer growth and satisfaction.

Take advantage of new business opportunities to increase adoption and advance your mission to improve education today using Lingk’s unique and cost-effective Automated Staff and Student Rostering solution. This easy-to-implement solution provides a rostering service and tools that allow quick data access to complete staff and student rosters using developer-friendly REST APIs. We’ve designed this powerful solution to be managed entirely by your team with little effort.

Here are a few opportunities that you may be missing:

  • Removing faculty and admin burden of updating the list of current students by adding auto synchronizing of drop/adds into your app.
  • Improving student engagement and collaboration with immediate access to staff and student rosters in your app.

  • Building better analytics and reporting dashboards with a complete view of staff and students in your app.

Sign up for a demo to see how the cost-effective Automated Staff and Student Rostering solution scales with your business model and implementation approach. Additionally, ask about our Swift API Workshops designed to help you develop a powerful API business strategy and explore even more use cases with APIs and common data models.