Introducing API Accelerator Workshops for Institutions and Vendors

Have you ever wondered what is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get campus and student data from an institution and feel that no good solution exists?

Have you ever wondered if vendors will accept data in any other format than flat files?

Have you ever wondered how to invest and succeed in an external API?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Lingk’s API Accelerator Workshops (AAW) are for you. During these half-day or full-day workshops you will align, accelerate and deliver an API integration strategy across key business/innovation, technical, and operational stakeholders.

As a result of these sessions, you will

  • discuss common patterns and best practices in successful API design and integration strategies;
  • discuss current API approaches in the educational and enterprise landscape;
  • understand lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid in API design and implementation that prevent interoperability;
  • quantify the impact of your API strategy and identify and model out key metrics;
  • and create an API adoption plan and identify resources needed to drive your developer or vendor community.

Armed with knowledge from the workshop you will be able to confidently and strategically engage in the people, politics and technology of higher ed integration to ask for the data you need. 

Workshops are customized for institutions and vendors to address specific issues.  For institutions, the workshops are designed to bring together critical stakeholders across innovation, academic, administrative, and operations teams.  For vendors, the workshops are designed to bring together critical stakeholders across product, technology, and operations teams.

A Lingk technologist will kick off the workshop with findings from a pre-workshop discovery effort and moderate the workshop process using AAW framework and case studies from comparable industry leaders.

For more information about API Accelerator Workshops or to set a date for your workshop, contact us online or send an email to