Free Integration Solution for Non-Profits: Solving a Pervasive Problem

Most non-profit schools are facing increased challenges of doing more with less.  This is especially true when you look at how IT departments must operate.  Central IT works hard to keep all the “trains running on time” and includes managing technology infrastructure, networking, data centers, mission critical enterprise systems, security and more...

Now layer on top of this a mix of academic and student services adopting new cloud and mobile applications to support a differentiated customer experience - for the student.  Add in the responsibility to sustain the ability to innovate and respond to the fast changing needs of students as customers and faculty who express academic freedom of choice to use best of breed tools for learning. The result is IT leaders are left with a heck of a “hairball” to manage on supporting the business.  But let’s not stop there, many non-profit IT leaders are asked to do all of this under tight, if not shrinking, IT budgets.

Lingk believes the industry can do a lot better with just a little help supporting IT innovation.  Part of the issue is legacy and out-of-date foundational processes that weigh down and reduce operational gain in efficiencies.  One of the most pervasive processes is the way IT responds to supporting every vendor’s unique cloud and mobile app data model (apps chosen by academic and administration stakeholders) that needs data from the institution's enterprise systems - like SIS, ERP, LMS and CRM systems. One of our customers tells the story like this:

"The thing that I find intriguing about is that it potentially changes the conversation with vendors. Up to now, the story goes something like this. The vendor calls you up and says that they are buying or have bought product Y, which, per the vendor, integrates really well with your ERP Z. As you look into it, the vendor of Y tells you how they expose data and it is often a CSV file on an FTP site, or whatever, and it is up to you to do the mapping from Y to Z."
"With in the picture, you would be in a position to say: Here is the REST API for integrating with our data. It uses a standardized data model (CEDS). Please have your developers do the integration using it. The good thing, from the vendor's point of view, is that if they've done the integration once, they've done it for everyone who is using the same data model and APIs.”
 - Higher Education CIO

Supporting innovation in IT and the broader ecosystem requires cost-effective, powerful solutions. Lingk is providing a free solution for non-profit education institutions to help IT leaders accelerate innovation. After adopting Lingk, you can free yourself from mapping to every vendor's data model, centralize your knowledge and tactics for integrations, and take more control of your ecosystem. And it’s simple to get started.

API Hubs incorporate a standard data model (CEDS) allowing a simple "one-time map" of common data elements you choose for re-use across your vendors.  You can start by mapping a small set of common data in just a few hours and organically add more common data elements over time as needed.

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