Unveiling the Lingk Data Integration Platform at EDUCAUSE

During the week of EDUCAUSE, we unveiled the new Lingk cloud data integration platform and announced its availability for early adopters. To support this milestone launch, our team travelled to Indianapolis to participate in EDUCAUSE and took part in the Start-Up Alley area for edtech innovators. There we met with progressive IT leaders from traditional state schools, large state school systems, community and private colleges that discussed their challenges and initiatives involving data while we provided live demonstrations of the Lingk platform. It quickly became apparent that the use case possibilities went beyond “connecting applications” to include extending out an existing costly connector-based middleware investment by using Lingk’s cost effective no-connector “data feed” approach and automating the ever growing manual flat file management processes currently used to share data. We are excited to work further with the many institutions that have shown an interest with Lingk to help solve their unique problems while evolving the platform to enable broad change in higher ed.

Many application and service providers, both established and emerging, at EDUCAUSE were intrigued with Lingk as well. After all, access to high quality student or institutional data is a “must have” in the value chain of a higher ed app if attributes like outcomes and enrollments are ultimate measures of success. The Lingk team conversed with providers of co-curricular and social platforms, tutoring platforms, content mapping platforms, video platforms and many cloud-mobile based learning environments that uncovered opportunities for partnerships to drive availability, innovation and adoption of apps through integration enabled by Lingk’s open APIs and standard approach to data storage.

Lingk enables any connected app or system to store data using a common data model and to safely share data with others using simple REST APIs.  (Click to enlarge)

So, what is Lingk? It’s a platform for securely sharing data from disparate sources and building quality applications with ease. Whether you are an institution building a new, transformational learning environment or an application developer simply seeking an easy way to plug into legacy applications like the ERP, SIS, LMS, Lingk can simplify the effort.

Key capabilities include:

  • education-specific datasets built on Common Education Data Standards (CEDS)
  • data workspaces that facilitate data management by enabling in-app collaboration
  • open, REST APIs for “integrate once, share everywhere” ease
  • bi-directional data sharing, enabling developers to store and access data
  • affordable cloud service deployed at a fraction of the cost of current methods
  • data access governance with granular security and privacy controls

Take time to learn more about Lingk in our latest news release, and see how it can facilitate application development and growth.

Interested in becoming an early adopter? Contact us, and we will be in touch.